Digital Literacy

Zabai’s Digital literacy program contains an extensive set of digital courses which cover the competences stated in
UN’s “Global framework of Reference on Digital Literacy Skills for Indicator 4.4.2”.
Each course contains of a number of step-by-step educational explainer videos. Each video answers concrete practical questions
the learners have within digital technologies like “How to open a Gmail account?”, “How to search for information online?” etc.

Introduction to smartphones

This course is designed to provide the basic knowledge to:

  • Set up the smartphone device
  • Use basic gestures on Smartphone
  • Navigate around the Andriod OS and Operate apps
  • Understand the use of wifi and other wireless networks.


Attending this course will enable you to understand the base of smartphone ICT skills which are essential to survive in this ongoing digital transformation.

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Communication and collaboration

Communication & Collaboration" is the phase 2 of Zabai's Digital Literacy Program where users will  learn how to interact through digital technologies. The course uses a number of screen recordings on a smartphone to show how to do functions on certain apps that have been widely popular and useful in Myanmar messenger apps such as Facebook, Viber, Gmail, Zapya and Youtube.

Browsing and searching information on the internet

Browsing and Searching Information on the Internet" is the third module of Zabai's Digital Literacy Program that intends to guide users through internet outside social media. After taking the course, users will be able to navigate fluently on Google Search, Google Maps and find information that can be used for self-improvement and development of professional skills.

Staying safe online

Staying Safe Online is the fourth and the last phase of Digital Literacy Course where users will learn how to stay clear of negative atmosphere on the internet, how to verify fake news, hate speeches, spams and scams through screenshot videos and relevant animations.